Welcome to the Future
Welcome to Jalvis

Inside the machine

What are the most important values that we offer.

Privacy. We’re always stand behind the idea that the product should generate income not the data off the user.

Ease of use. Striving to always create a products that is easy to use for everyone.

Accessible. We are living in an age where technology should never be limited to someone with disabilities.

Design. All the products created or updated by us went trough a tough design progress to make sure it fits the needs of the user.

Mobile apps. All our apps are Available for iOS and Android.

Secure connections. Every single connection is protected securely processed by our servers.

Inside the office

Who are we and what do we look like

Giacomo Leopizzi

· CEO ·

Giacomo Leopizzi

Some people might think I'm crazy but sometimes you need to be in order to succeed.

Simone Martorelli

· CFO ·

Simone Martorelli

Passionate Federer fan, great front-end developer and money dealer.

Photo by Arif Riyanto on Unsplash
Detail to the last point

This means spending hours working on one slide because it doesn’t feel right.

We always strive to put the best product out there. All our products should be created with a focus on the little details that can make or break a product.


We keep updated with the latest and greatest on design level, putting all our products to the test with beta and alpha test from the beginning of the creative process till the last update of a product we deliver.


It means taking time to find the right name for every class, in order to write the cleanest Model we can, it means never stop in front of a challenge and always working hard to improve yourself and the product.

1 Tools “what tools do we use mostly”
3  {
4    "Git": {
5      "Name": "Bitbucket",
6      "Developer": "Atlassian",
7    }
8    "Tickets": {
9      "Name": "Jira",
10      "Developer": "Atlassian",
11    }
12    "Documentation": {
13      "Name": "Confluence",
14      "Developer": "Atlassian",
15    }
16  }
Easy development

Tools that help us create better products.

Rather than force everyone at your company to learn difficult ways of working, we provide everyone the tools they need to work as easy and efficient as possible. We use Atlassian tools the most because of the integration with each other and the fluent work flow.

Atlassian products

Have we sparked your curiosity just enough? Or do you have some questions, feel free to contact us at info@jalvis.com.